Footage of these babies moving inside their mother’s belly may make you feel quesy


Baby kicks indicate that your baby is growing well inside the womb and they also remind parents that there is something inherently magical happening within a woman’s belly. The baby will grow more active in the later stages of a pregnancy and you know they are healthy when you can feel them turn, roll and stretch their limbs.

Babies inside the womb can respond to external stimuli such as unfamiliar noises, music and also the food you eat. You feel flutters of movement from inside the womb as early as nine weeks into the pregnancy! That is when the baby starts to move it’s limbs and this can be detected via ultrasound scans. Sometimes these babies are so active that you can see their movements from the outside surface of the mother’s belly.

The sound of the baby’s father’s voice was enough to spur it to move 

This little guy kicked so hard that their mother;s belly button popped up multiple times 

Watch all the amazing footage below:


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