Wise 6-year-old girl’s heartfelt advice to her mom after a fight she had with her husband is incredibly sweet


There is a popular saying amongst the youths of this generation and that is “Age is just a number”. They often say it with reference to how sometimes, they may be more of an expert in a certain field as compared to adults.

There is a popular belief that just because a person is older, they are instantly regarded as being wiser and more experienced. Here to prove this theory wrong is 6-year-old Tiana who gives excellent life advice despite her age.

The youngster was recorded advising her mother after hearing an argument between her parents. She sits down on the staircase and tells her mother how she should act so that everyone comes out winners in the end. Her advice to her parents, who are divorced, is to try their best to remain friends.

“I want you and my dad to be [in a] place that’s settled and be friends. I’m not trying to be mean, I just want everyone to be friends” she says passionately

She also wants everyone to always smile saying “When I see someone, I want them to smile, especially when I see Nanna, everyone”

Tiana continues saying “I just want everything to be settled down, nothing else. I just want everything to be good as possible, nothing else”

Watch her give great life advice below:


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