This 75-year-old man has isolated himself in this cave for 25 years and what he has done to it is totally impressive


A 75-year-old New Mexico man has spent 25 years isolating himself in a cave with his pet dog but no one actually knew what he was up to until recently.

Ra Paulette has been walking alone into the desert in New Mexico with his dog as his only company to create astonishing masterpieces that will surely leave everyone speechless.

He spends his time carving the sandstone cave that he found with only a few hand tools and a wheelbarrow, turning the very cave into a wonderful work of art

According to him, his artwork is not for the money but to create an environment that would inspire “spiritual renewal and personal well being.”

The cavern will also be used as a venue to hold artistic events once it is finished

His cave art as described by him, “Wilderness shrines” is massive in scale and features dramatic and poetic designs

This self-taught artist’s latest creation, Luminous Caves, is said to be his most ambitious and largest artwork, valued at US$ 2 million 

Watch his breathtaking artwork and see for yourself how intricate the carving is here


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