These conjoined twins may be the one and only conjoined teachers in the world


Every pair of identical twins is certainly bound to share many things and characteristics but these twins are set to share more than just a womb.

Abby and Brittany are conjoined twins and perhaps are the most famous of such pair in the world.

Each of them has her own head, spine, lungs and stomach but share everything else. The twins basically are two different bodies which join at the ribcage

Being two individuals with one body, the twins have faced many challenges in their lives.

Thankfully, these ladies have the same dream when it comes to making plans for the future

In 2008, Abby and Brittany began their studies at Bethel University and majoring in education.

The two graduated four years later and work as part-time elementary schoolteachers soon after

They have to live their lives as a team but a lifetime of being in each other’s company has made them good at working and living together.

Watch their unique lives as conjoined twins here 


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