Hilarious moment a parrot meows to a group of cats and leaves them stunned


This white-feathered parrot wanted to fit in a group of cats that are living with him and so, he is more than prepared to do anything to be a part of the group even if he has to meow instead of squawk.

This funny moment captures a parrot meowing to his fellow fluffy felines who are apparently stunned with his fluency in cat language.

In the video, the parrot walks over to a group of cats and meows to them

It is really hilarious seeing the cats absolutely taken aback at the bird’s unexpected greeting

One cat utters a quiet meow at the parrot back but the rest of the cats remain speechless!

When the video was uploaded on August 2, 2016, it quickly garnered 500,000 views in less than a few days.

Watch how the parrot stuns the cats in this amusing video here


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