Here is why you should always close the lid when you flush the toilet


It may be one the most common subjects in every household argument but closing the lid when you flush is not really an option—it is a must and here is why.

When you flush a toilet, the water that swirls around the toilet bowl not only removes the waste from the bowl, it also mixes with the small particles of the waste.

As it swirls, it shoots aerosolised tiny faecal particles into the air!

The toilet bowl may look spotless after you flush it but a 1975 study published in the journal Applied Microbiology found that there still remains stayed in the bowl long after you flushed it.

Furthermore, when you flush it without closing the lid, it allows the tiny remains to disperse in the bathroom, far enough to settle on other surfaces like your toothbrush.

However, as nauseating as it sounds, it is not worse than not washing your hands after using the toilet. So, do close the lid every time you flush and wash your hands!


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