Frightened bear with a bucket stuck on it’s head was freed by a group of brave volunteers


A couple from Pensylvania were taking a walk around their neighborhood as per usual when they saw an extremely strange sight. Dean Hornberger and Samantha Eigenpod crossed paths with a large black bear, which would not have been out of the ordinary, but this particular bear had it’s head stuck in a bucket.

Black bears are not particularly a threat to humans but they can get extremely aggressive if you were to confront them. With this being said, Dean and Samantha felt obliged to help the poor creature remove the bucket from it’s head. They were acutely aware of the risks but decided to aid the bear and proceeded with caution.

The bear must have had it’s head stuck in the bucket for quite some time because it seemed extremely agitated 

The couple decided to call for backup because they knew they needed more man power to subdue the creature in order to remove the bucket from it’s head

It was stuck on pretty tight and the group had no choice but to saw the bucket open as they could not pull the bear’s head out of it 

With a good amount of effort, they succeeded in freeing the bear and all was well

Watch their rescue efforts below:


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