Use this simple maneuver to defend yourself against a surprise choke from behind


As much as we’d like to think that people in general are inherently good and therefore would have no intention to hurt us, that simply is not true. News of assaults plague the news daily and the numbers are increasing, which proves that the world is far from being a safe place.

Since there is no way to stop people from committing crimes and acts of violence against other individuals, the next best thing is to prepare ourselves in the case of imminent threats.

People should be armed with the knowledge of self defense because these skills may be the difference between life and death 

These skills will be of benefit if ever a person finds themselves in a potentially life-threatening situation 

A person can arm themselves with pepper spray’s and other tools to ward of attackers but in the heat of the moment, you may not have time to reach for them and so it is better to learn to use your body for defense 

This man named Nick Drossos has a series of videos where he teaches individuals different techniques to defend themselves against various forms of assault 

The video below depicts the technique to get out of a choke-hold from behind 

He teaches viewers to use skill instead of brute force to break out of the attackers hold and escape 

He then asked his female assistant to demonstrate the technique to affirm the right way to escape this kind of situation

She broke out of the attacker’s grasp with ease and took the opportunity to counterattack and escape

The key is to turn around and aim for the attacker’s face instead of instinctually leaning forward, which will restrict your breathing even more 

Get a better picture of how to defend yourself against this kind of attack below:


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