This kind old man prepares 100 kg of watermelon juice all by himself for a heart-warming reason


An old man from Tiruppur, a small town near Coimbatore in western Tamil Nadu, India is the latest YouTube superstar after his YouTube channel, Village Food Factory became an instant hit worldwide. 

The YouTube channel which features Arumugam doing a charity food program where he can often be seen feeding the homeless with delicious home-cooked meals like fried chicken, briyani, prawn curry and duck curry.

In this video, Arumugam prepares watermelon juice for the homeless and for this, he uses hundreds of watermelons to make 100 kilograms of juice

Even more amazing is he does not use any machine to juice the fruits. Instead, he crushed all the watermelons by himself using a star-shaped tool

In spite of the lack of modern tools, Arumugam still manages to make it look super easy

The end result is mouth-watering watermelon juice, all ready to be distributed to the homeless people

This video alone has 15.9 million views and people around the world are touched by Arumugam’s generosity and kindness to the less fortunate ones in the community.

Watch how Arumugam crushes the watermelons to make the juice here


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