This 16-month-old girl spreads love and touches everyone’s heart with a simple gesture


This is the heart-warming moment a simple gesture from a 16-month- old toddler made millions of hearts around the world feel loved.

The little girl named Joey was filmed wandering around a supermarket with her mother recording her at the back.

Joey went on around the aisles waving everyone from a man in a mobility chair to a staff with a walking stick

At one point in the video, the little girl waved a woman at the meat counter and went over for a hug.

Joey who seems to have just learned to walk walked over to the woman and lifted her arms for a hug

The woman returned her wave and also embraced her for several seconds

The short clip quickly gathered millions of views from around the globe and the public is extremely positive about Joey’s way of spreading the love in the video.

One comment said: “I love how long that last hug lasted. I bet that woman’s heart overflowed with happiness,” a woman wrote. “What a blessing this little girl is.”

Another comment wrote: “I just love this. I’m going to say hi and give more smiles when I’m out more.”

Watch how Joey melts the hearts of millions in this cute video 


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