These visitors get the surprise of a lifetime from an unexpected hungry guest when they are feeding fish at the dock


This group of tourists was not expecting to get a huge surprise when they were feeding fish off of a dock in the Maldives.

While feeding fish off of a dock, a hungry stingray saw the opportunity of getting a free meal from the visitors and jumped out of the water for an easy meal.

The visitors got a very personal up close with the stingray as it was fed from the hand of a trainer


The friendly stingray even stayed on after its meal to bet pet a few times!

In the short video, the stingray can be seen rippling its wings and straining up the wooden dock to catch the meal.

The crystal clear water makes it easy to spot the stingray making its way to the dock, much to the delight of the astounded visitors

Watch the hungry stingray seizes the opportunity for a free meal and gives the surprise of a lifetime to the lucky visitors here


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