These sneaky cats are caught red-handed trying to steal food from the table and it is hilarious


One of the very common situations for pet cat owners is when their cats sneakily steal food from the table or start meowing as soon as their owners open the fridge.

In this video, these cats are caught red-handed for trying to steal food from the table and it is both adorable and hilarious!

Even when they just have their meal, these cats do not hesitate when an opportunity to get more food arises

When they think that their owners are not looking, these cheeky cats sneakily grab the food at the dinner table with their dainty paws

Just look at this orange cat who cannot resist the raw chicken on the table!

One cat even goes as far as begging for food in front of his owner who is snacking in front of him. It is totally funny to see how persistent he is to get the snacks!

Watch here


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