The moment this woman opens her front door, she is greeted with an entire herd of her mountain friends


Being friends with your pets is something that is commonplace because pets like dogs or cats are intelligent and domesticated creatures. The are also caring and loyal, for the most, part which make them great for companionship. We ca admit that some people are better around animals than others just like the woman in the video below. She has such a way with animals that she has made acquaintances with this herd of wild deers!


This woman opens her front door to reveal a stunning view of snow-capped slopes and wide terrain

A few moments into the video we notice moving objects in the distance and as they come closer into view, we find out they were actually deers 

There weren’t simply one or two who came running to the woman’s doorstep but a whole herd that came galloping down the slopes 

Watch what she does that makes these deers come to her doorstep daily!


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