Shocking moment Montreal man stops a moving train with his bare hands goes viral


A viral video showing a man stopping and moving an underground train with his bare hands is sweeping the internet but is it real?

The amusing video has emerged online with the man stopping the moving train with his bare hands as it stopped at the platform.

He also pushed the train when it was time for the train to leave the platform

The truth is the whole video was an elaborate prank!

Taking place in Montreal, Canada, the prank video shows the prankster dusts his hands with chalk and pretends to stop and push the train

In reality, the train automatically stops and moves on its own

Even though the prank was quite clear, the video quickly gained positive comments from the online community who thought that the video was still hilarious and entertaining to be watched.

The video has been watched 635,000 times so far.

Watch the funny prank of the man pretending to stop and push the train here


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