Nerve-wracking moment a mule deer fell into freezing river and struggled to get out of it


A mule deer buck fell into the icy waters of the Big Thompson River in Estes Park, Colorado.

The mule deer tried to get out of the freezing waters but the edge of the ice was just too slippery for him to get hold of it.

Thankfully, the Estes Park Police department was called when it became clear that the mule deer was struggling to get out of the river and needed help to do so

The police officers lassoed the mule deer by his antlers and pulled him to the safety, far from the freezing waters

The icy and slippery riverbank made the rescue even tougher but the cooperation between the officers and the mule deer led the rescue to be done smoothly

Thanks to the kind-hearted officers, the deer managed to return to his home unharmed.

Watch the nerve-wracking moment of the rescue here


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