How this couple reacted when they found out they were going to be grandparents is priceless!


What’s more exciting than finding out you’re going to be a parent? Telling other people and seeing how they react to the news of course! Friends and family will take the news in various different ways and it is amazing to see how they would take the news. Some become emotional and start shedding tears, some become speechless out of shock and others may just congratulate you civilly.

It has become widely popular to surprise people with the news that you and your spouse are expecting a baby and record the reactions of the people you tell. The video below is one of the many pregnancy announcement surprises strewn across the internet but the couple’s reaction is simply hilarious.

Sarah and her husband, who is driving, have her parents in the backseat of their car when Sarah gives them each a card to open and read

The moment her mother read the card which said “Happy Mother’s Day Granny”, her expression immediately lit up and she started screaming in delight 

It is safe to say that she was excited at the prospect of becoming a grandmother!

Watch her reaction below:


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