Brave mama cat failed at rescuing her kitten who got stuck in a tree but then she does this!


The love a mother for her child is boundless and this fact is not exclusive to human beings alone as it also extends to the animal kingdom. The parent-child relationship that an offspring shares with it’s mother is a profound one. All throughout the world mothers are, majority of the time, the primary caregivers and will care for their young until they are old enough to take on the world alone.

A kitten got itself into a tight spot when it decided to climb a tree but did not know how to come down

It’s mother tried her best to rescue her kitten but to no avail because after many attempts, the kitten simply would not budge!

Finally, the mother cat climbed down the tree in resignation and looked on at her kitten 

Surprisingly, the kitten didn’t need help as it scaled down the tree following it’s mother’s footsteps and reached the ground safely

Watch the rescue attempts and surprise ending below:


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