This unique way of baking a pizza with a clay oven is guaranteed to give you the best pizza you have ever had


Clay ovens have been around for centuries and typically, these ovens work by cooking the food slowly without burning it.

Unlike other types of oven, clay ovens are often praised for their ability to bring out deep flavours of food.

Thus, these ovens are almost perfect for baking varieties of food like bread, chicken, and meat

In this video, this man shows you how easy it is to bake a pizza by using this handcrafted clay oven

The materials needed to build this oven are clay mud, wooden blocks, water, iron grill, cardboard and metal strips

It may look primitive but wait until the clay oven is completed and you might do all your cooking with this clay oven as it guarantees to bring you the best results!

Watch how this man builds an amazing clay oven where he bakes his pizza in it here


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