This smart parrot can perfectly imitates a crying baby and it is both hilarious and creepy!


This parrot can perfectly imitate a crying baby that it is guaranteed to give you nightmares.

If you have listened to this video without looking at your screen, you might have thought that you were listening to a crying human baby.

However, the truth is the sound came from this smart parrot who can flawlessly imitate the crying sound of a baby

Imagine listening to this parrot late at night when you are alone at home!

It is not hard to see why this video quickly swept the internet for its creepy factor. The parrot is so brilliant to be able to imitate the crying sound

According to Michael Schindlinger, an assistant professor of biology at Lesley University, parrots can use sounds to attract their owner’s attention by making the sound their owner is familiar with like laughing or crying

Let us hope that this parrot’s owner does have a baby at his or her home. Otherwise, it would be really terrifying to know where the parrot learned the sound!

Watch this spine-chilling video of this clever parrot imitating a crying baby here


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