These disabled mannequins serve as a reminder that ‘beautiful’ does not mean ‘perfect’


When you see mannequins in a store or shop retail window, they usually come in a similar and generic silhouette which reflect the prevailing idea of what the ideal physique looks like. The irony is that the ‘average’ person looks nowhere close to these mannequins who are supposed to represent the general public and so what looks good on those body silhouettes may not look as nice on the regular person.

In an attempt at advocating body positivity, a Swiss charity decided to create a line of unique mannequins 

Pro Infirmis is a non-profit organization from Switzerland who specialize in helping people with disabilities and they decided to create mannequins based on the bodies of disabled people to show that nobody has the ‘perfect’ body


A designer was called in and he meticulously measured each part of the participant’s body in order to get all the details right 


After measuring them, the designer asked them to strike a pose for additional reference 

After that they began the process of making these custom mannequins 

When the figures were complete, it was time for the big reveal!

It is safe to say that they were all amazed to see mannequins who look like them, some of the models were overwhelmed 

One of them said, “It’s special to look at yourself like this when you usually can’t look at yourself in the mirror”

The mannequins were placed in shop windows along Bahnhofstrasse which is Zurich’s main downtown street

Some passerby’s stopped to take pictures of the unique figures

Other’s couldn’t help but to try and imitate the models in the window 

These were not the average tall and slender mannequins people were so used to seeing

Many people were curious and they got up close to inspect the figures 

When the models arrived and saw themselves in the shop window, they were ecstatic 

Pro Infirmis named the project “Because who is perfect?” 


This project was an attempt to raise awareness of people with physical disabilities especially in the fashion industry 

This project also helps in putting forth the idea to love your body as it is 

Watch the campaign video below:


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