5-year-old girl found out that she was not invited to the royal wedding—what happened next left her in tears


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just had one of the most anticipated royal weddings in history on May 19.

However, not everyone had the opportunity to attend the grand wedding and so was this 5-year-old girl from Northern Ireland.

Lola learned the hard way that she was not invited to the royal nuptials in Windsor

The little was really looking forward to attending the royal wedding but she ended up completely sad when her mother told her that she was going to the wedding

In the video, Lola can be seen saying: “I was so looking forward to it and you said I’m going,” to her mother who was recording her reactions to which her mother replies: “I never said you were going. I said your school was having a royal wedding tea party.”

The girl persisted and asked her mother repeatedly whether she was actually really going to the royal wedding but when her mother kept telling her that it was not going to happen, the girl calmed down

“Probably [because] Meghan doesn’t know me,” Lola says in the video

Lola’s school had organised a tea party to celebrate the royal wedding and the children including Lola had to wear royal-themed outfits. That was when Lola misunderstood that she was going to attend the actual royal wedding.

Lola’s cute plea to attend the royal wedding has quickly become an internet sensation in the wake of royal wedding euphoria.

While it is hard for Lola to learn that she is not blue-blooded as only royalties were invited to the wedding, her mother lovingly explains to her that she is her mother and father’s princess.

Watch Lola’s full video here and see for yourself how badly she wanted to go to the royal wedding



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