This amazing pineapple seller from the Philippines has the easiest and fastest way to peel pineapple


A good ripe pineapple has richer sweetness than the canned and dried varieties but sometimes, it is the fruit’s bumpy and tough skin that turn many people off from cutting through it.

Thankfully, this street vendor can show you how easy it is to peel a pineapple!

In this video, a pineapple seller in Bankerohan market Davao City, the Philippines can chop the tropical fruits in merely 45 seconds

Instead of slicing through the pineapple’s outer layer to get to its juicy flesh, the man slices straight through the pineapple beneath its skin in a circular motion

He then chops the pineapple into smaller pieces and it is ready to be eaten

Watch how this incredible pineapple seller easily cuts the pineapple in under a minute here


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