These girls skate downhill and reach super high speeds, just watching the footage will make your palms sweaty


Skateboarding is an action sport where an individual uses what is essentially a board on four wheels to perform tricks. It is both a recreational activity as well as an art form as skaters learn and perform tricks in order to push the limit of their skills.

There are several kinds of skateboarding styles including freestyle skateboarding, vert skateboarding, cruising as well as downhill skateboarding and more. Downhill skateboarding is perhaps one of the oldest styles of skateboarding, dating back to the 1970’s. Individuals will find a street that slopes downwards and use their skateboards to skate it, gaining momentum according to how steep the slope is.

Look at these two girls go downhill as they reach incredibly fast speeds 

Their feet is planted firmly on their boards because it only takes one false move for them to go hurtling onto the street

See how fast they zoom down the street below:



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