Shocking video of a plastic bottle’s journey after it was carelessly disposed of will bring you to your senses


Human beings produce colossal amounts of waste globally and this amount is rapidly increasing every year. Currently we produce over 2.12 billion tons of waste annually which when put into trucks, would go around the world 24 times!

This is shocking in it of itself but the thing is most of the waste we produce is durable, meaning it will be around for a long time.

There has been numerous efforts done in order to try and reduce the amount of waste we produce and this has given rise to a more conscientious society opting for zero-waste lifestyles and increased efforts in recycling and reusing items.

In case you still believe that your waste has no effect on you or your life, watch the video below and it will change your mind.

The video entitled ‘A bottle’s odyssey’, follows the journey of a plastic bottle from when it was not properly disposed off to where it ends up and it serves as a wake up call to those who believe their waste will not effect them directly 

Just because our trash is out of sight and therefore out of mind, does not mean that is the end of the story 

Watch how this plastic bottle manages to find it’s way back to it’s owner:


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