Mother monkey has had enough of her misbehaving child so she does this to keep him from running off


This that video was captured at Foping Xiongmaogu Tourist Zone in Hanzhong City in Shaanxi Province has netizens nodding their heads in approval because it is extremely relatable. It shows a snub-nosed mother monkey holding her hyperactive child by the tail while she cooly munches on a peach in her other hand.

The reason why so many people have applauded this video is because it shows the stark similarity between humans and monkeys. In this case it is the uncanny parenting methods. You could imagine If human children had tails, their parents would do the exact same thing to keep them from running off on their own!

Here we see a mother monkey sitting down with both her hands occupied as one is used to hold the peach she munches on and the other is used to firmly grip on her child’s tail

Her tired expression says it all and we believe most parents can relate to this video

The baby monkey doesn’t give up trying to escape it’s mother’s iron grip though as he tried to wiggle away

Watch the amusing parenting method below:


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