Clever fishing technique makes use of 10 bottles and 10 hooks that will ensure a good catch!


There are no limitations to human ingenuity and this is hugely apparent nowadays when we are overcoming boundaries and exploring new frontiers as the years pass by. It is only human nature to try and solve problems and find more efficient ways of doing things. One example of this is in the video below where a man shows us how he uses plastic bottles to catch fish!

You may think that this unconventional way of ensnaring fish is just ludicrous but wait till you see what he pulls up at the end of the video.

In rural areas where people have limited access to high-tech devices that would make daily activities easier, they have used their creativity and survival skills to come up with new ways of doing things. Although it may seem strange, what matters is that it works.


He uses 10 bottle and 10 hooks which he ties onto a long stick 

For the sake of consistency in the video, all the bottles are yellow in color but any ordinary plastic bottle will do 

After placing the contraption in the water, all they had to do was wait and before long, they were pulling up one fish after another

There you have it folks, here’s all the bounty they had caught from only using bottles and hooks!

Curious to see how he did it? Watch the video below and find out:


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