A little girl put a coin in a hat and what ensues was an epic one-of-a-kind street performance


Busking is the act of performing in public places for tips and if you capture the attention of passerby’s, they would give you a small sum of money for the performance. A little girl decided to drop some change in a hat placed in front of a bassist while roaming the Plaça de Sant Roc in Spain because she was curious as to what he would play. She approached the man and proceeded to place a few coins in the hat, she did not know how to react to what happened next.

In the bustling city square, this girl in the pink hoodie decided to place a few coins into a hat in front of a regular-looking busker

The man started to play a deep and solemn tune which caught the attention of a few other people 

Then out of nowhere, a cellist appeared and took a seat right next to the man as she began to play along

The tune became clearer as they performed “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony 

At this point, the crowds of people in the square became intrigued and soon even more musicians appeared

With every new member joining the performance, the song became even more melodious

A significant crowd had gathered around the performers because they knew this was no ordinary street act

A few violinists also joined the lineup 

Soon even a conductor appeared and joined the performance!

Another group of performers bringing drums, trombones, trumpets and more joined the orchestra

After all the musicians had assembled, the real performance began!

The musicians began the symphony again but this time they were joined by an entire choir hiding in plain sight amongst the crowd

The crowd whipped out their cameras and witnessed something truly spectacular

The crowd was amazed and a few children even started imitating the conductor’s motions as the performance went on 

People were overwhelmed with the mind-blowing performance, some even had tears in their eyes

As it turned out, the performance was organized by Spanish bank Banco Sabadell, to commemorate the city’s 130th anniversary

Watch the stunning performance below:


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