This talented dog can dance better than most humans as he does the merengue with his owner


A video has surfaced on the internet showing a sensational dancing dog who steps in perfect rhythm to her human partner. The routine was captured by a bystander and has since gone viral because people are intrigued and amazed as they have never seen a dog dance like that before.

Most dogs are trained to perform basic tricks including to fetch or to play dead and there are service dogs trained to assist their owners in their daily lives. Certain dog breeds are also trained to detect illegal substances and some are trained for rescue missions. Never has there been a dog known for it’s impressive merengue dance skills.

This golden retriever dons an adorable sparkly dress and performs her routine with her owner cum dance partner 

She stands on her two hind legs for most of the routine as she twists and turns in tandem with the music. Watch their incredible routine below:


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