This chicken was excited to see it’s owner but noticed that something was very different about him


This young boy had just got back from the barber and decided he wanted to show his pet chickens the new look. He entered the yard and waited for his feathery friends to approach him. The hen he was closest to, aptly named Love Bird, was the first to tun towards him excitedly.

She ran straight into his arms but then ducked to examine her favorite human child. she sensed something was definitely different and did a complete inspection before approving of the boy’s new hairdo.

The boy, Mason, had just come back from the barber’s with his freshly cut hair

Love Bird ran excitedly into his arms before slipping out of the hug when she noticed something was different about her best friend Mason

After a quick inspection, she approved of his new look and went back in for a proper hug

Watch the hilarious and touching encounter below:


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