A couple of teenagers ran an experiment and let this beetle listen to some music, they didn’t expect this to happen!


Music stems from a combination of art and science whose medium is sound which is organized in time. Some of the common elements of music include pitch, rhythm and dynamics. The appearance of music in human society dates back to thousands of years ago and it was very much considered a cultural activity as well as a form of entertainment.

Nowadays music can be found in a variety of styles and genres so individuals can listen to what appeals to them. Listening to music can have a profound and positive impact on our body and mind.

A couple of teenagers thought it would be fun to carry out an experiment in which they let a longicorn beetle listen to some music in order to see how it would react

They brought a pair of earphones to either side of the beetle so the sound would be concentrated and streamed towards it

After a moment of being still, the beetle started bobbing it’s head up and down in line with the heavy metal song the teenagers played 

Watch how the beetle reacts in the full experiment below:


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