This two-year-old is turning heads because she can skate on ice better than most adults


Figure skating is a mesmerizing sport to watch because it features individuals skaters performing jumps, spins, spirals and complicated step sequences on ice. Figure skating was also the first ever winter sport to be included in the Olympics and since then, men and women skaters have done their best to push the limits of what the human body is capable of.

In the video below, a two-year-old girl displays abilities that are well beyond her years as she dons a pair of skates and whizzes through the ice, performing her routine. While most children her age are still only beginning to get the hang of walking, she is already participating in competitions, showing off her skills in the ice rink.

Just look at her go!

Even some adults cling onto the railing while they’re in the rink but this two-year-old is skating with ease 

She does a couple of turns and even skates on one foot!

She truly is a champion-in-the-making!

If she can do this much at her age now, we can’t wait to see what heights she will achieve as she grows older

Watch her adorable routine below:


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