Amazing moment cheerleaders left the crowd stunned with their unbelievable dance routine


This group of cheerleaders from Texas proves that cheerleading is more than just holding pom-poms and chanting slogans in a stunning dance routine.

Emerald Belles of Southlake Carroll Varsity performed an impressive and incredible dance routine and were named “Best Dance Team” in Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition 2017.

With a winning concept “Sweet Dreams”, the dance team managed to get to the top three and won the first place with their amazing routine

Their routine certainly is not easy to pull off with difficult moves and detailed formations that did not allow any careless mistakes 

Finally, their hard work and dedication paid off with the big win at the dance competition!

A big congratulations to The Belle!

Check out their amazing dance routine here and see for yourself why they deserved to win the first place!


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