This heart-warming video captured on a baby monitor shows a six-week-old twin comforting her brother


We have all heard that twins are much closer than regular siblings. They spend more time in each others company and they fight less than normal siblings. They share a profound connection with one another and that bond starts right at the beginning of their existence when they grow alongside one another in the same womb.

A 40-second video clip was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Twin Mom’ which shows just how close her twins were while they were cuddling each other in their crib. One of the twins has her cheek resting on her brother’s forehead and her places her thumb near the mouth of her sibling which he starts sucking on. This ultimately calms him down!

She captioned the video “My six-week-old fussed when I went in the other room so his twin sister took care of the situation”

Watch the incredible video below:


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