People are amazed by this revolutionary application which makes learning the guitar, a walk in the park


Humans have an innate appreciation of music that cannot be helped because there is a perpetual rhythm all around us as well as within us. Although we all enjoy music, some of us find it difficult to learn certain musical instruments because we aren’t musically inclined.

There have been many individuals and companies resolved to try and make learning music easier, including this French company called FRETX. FRETX has recently launched an innovative tool in order to aid beginners in learning the guitar.


They came up with an interactive way for beginners to familiarize themselves around the guitar fret board

FRETX is a series of colored lights that can be attached to any guitar which will then light up to indicate where a player should place their fingers

It works with an application which can be downloaded onto any mobile device. It sends Bluetooth signals with the chosen chord fingerings of songs to the device on the guitar

Watch the advert video below and see how it works:


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