These two men finally understand what labor pains feel like after going through this painful simulation


Mother’s Day is a celebration held in honor of individuals who are the mothers of the family as well as motherhood and maternal bonds in general. These two men decided to celebrate mother’s day in an unconventional way, that is by willingly undergoing the sensation of labor pains experienced by women who are about to deliver their babies.

In order to mimic the painful contractions of labor, electrode patches were placed on the men’s abdomen muscles

The childbirth simulator pads which were developed in China include nodes which delivers mild shock

The intensity can be gradually increased by using a knob that goes up on a scale of one to ten

These guys started of with confident smiles but are soon in a lot of pain 

They can hardly bear it as their muscles contract 

They looked like they were about to cry as their faces were flushed and they became teary-eyed

The intensity was gradually increased and their pain really showed 

By the end of it the two men were screaming and writhing in pain 

Watch the full video below:


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