Rude taxi driver refused to move after he illegally parked on the roadside so this meter maid gave him a life lesson he would never forget


Getting a parking ticket will surely turn our day into a bad one but you should never argue with the meter maid when it was your fault in the first place.

However, if you did, this video will show you why you should not challenge the meter maid who gave you the ticket!

One taxi driver learned a lesson in a hard way after he challenged the meter maid after he parked his taxi illegally on the street

The taxi driver was furious when the meter maid issued him a parking ticket and started to say some offensive words to her

When the unruly driver refused to move his taxi, the meter maid lifted the front of the taxi and asked the taxi driver: “How ’bout I show you how to move, huh?”

Pedestrians who saw the incident reacted with shock and disbelief!

One man even called his friend to report what he had just witnessed

The scene was actually an elaborate prank by Car Lister, a website where people buy and sell cars. The prank was made in partnership with the makers of the “Devil Baby Attack” video from early 2014 to promote the film “Devil’s Due”.3

Watch the full prank video here 


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