Paralysed teenage girl prepares a grand surprise for her prom date and it is touching


This is the emotional moment a teenage girl who has not been able to walk for nearly a year surprises her prom date by walking to greet him at the door.

The girl named Morgan from San Antonio, Texas has been in a wheelchair for the last 10 months. Her legs became paralysed after she suffering from a conversion disorder after she underwent an operation.

In the heart-warming video, Morgan stands up to meet Tarik who clads in a smart tuxedo and slowly stepping towards him

Dressed up in a full-length floral dress, Morgan slowly makes her way to the entrance.

The video also shows Tarik shrieks in shock as he sees his prom date walk slowly towards him

The teenage boy can be heard shrieking with excitement as the door opens before he rushes to embrace Morgan

Morgan captioned the video with a caption that wrote: “After not being able to walk with my own two legs for 10 months… I surprised my prom date with this.”

The video which was posted on April 28 has already been viewed 12.2 million times and amassed over one million likes.

The night was even more meaningful when Morgan was crowned as the prom queen!

Watch the full video of the touching surprise from Morgan to her prom date here


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