A mother rabbit viciously takes revenge on this black snake and attacks it for killing her babies


The video below is not for the faint of heart as it depicts an otherwise docile creature, viciously attacking a predator for invading it’s nest. A mother’s maternal instinct is to protect her offspring from outside threats and make sure they grow up healthy.

This mother rabbit left her burrow to gather food and came back to find a predator surrounding her babies

The poisonous black snake had attacked the burrow and killed the baby rabbits in  order to make a meal out of them

Instead of fleeing the scene, this mother rabbit did not hesitate to attack the snake because she wanted to avenge her offspring 

The snake tried to retreat but the rabbit did not let it get away that easily!

Even after leaving the nest, it follows the snake and keeps attacking it

It was no match for the furious mother rabbit and had no choice but to slither away as fast as it could


Watch the exhilarating moment below at your own risk:


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