This bed will literally kick you out even when you are a heavy sleeper


Is your irritating smartphone alarm not enough to wake you up from the bed every morning? Well, looks like it is time to switch to a new bed!

Thanks to this smart bed, you will no longer be late for your work! Inventor and YouTube star Colin Furze has come up with a genius idea—a bed that will definitely wake you up every morning.

This high voltage ejector bed will flip you to your feet when it is time to wake up with sirens and trumpets blaring at your ears at the same time

This crazy invention is powered by a massive air compressor and users can adjust the force from low to high, depending on how you are willing to be thrown out of the bed when you are deep in your sleep.

Your morning routine will never be the same with this insane bed!

If you are still sceptical on whether this bed really works for a heavy sleeper like you, check this video below to find out how powerful it can be!


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