This adorable baby melts million hearts for her cute reaction when she listens to her parents singing


This sweet couple from Israel who is better known as ‘Yonina’ has gained millions of fans around the globe for their beautiful voices. 

However, their biggest fan has to be their adorable baby who just cannot take away her eyes when her parents start singing harmoniously.

In a video that has taken the internet by storm, the musical duet, Yoni and Nina Tokayer show off their melodic pipes and impressive beat-boxing skills while singing the rendition of Matisyahu’s hit, ‘One Day’

It is easy to see why this Tel-Aviv based couple is gaining worldwide popularity for their angelic voices but this time, it is their baby girl who takes the spotlight!

The infant who sits on her mother’s lap appears to be totally engrossed with her parents’ incredible singing and occasionally giggling when her father smiles at her

The cute baby’s reaction alone is enough to melt million hearts!

Watch Yonina’s rendition of “One Day” here and see their baby’s reaction the moment the duo open their mouths!


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