These Tennessee fishing experts reveal how to catch giant catfish with your own bare hands


While the majority of people prefer to fish with either a fish net or a fishing rod, these men from Southeast Tennessee catch giant catfish with their own bare hands!

In most parts of the world, this extreme sports fishing is known as ‘noodling’ where one catch catfish with bare hands.

However, the locals in Southeast Tennessee refer to the excitement as ‘grabbling’ since it is literally grabbing catfish with one’s bare hands.

This extreme sport is definitely not for the faint-hearted as you would need to find holes at the bottom of a river, reach into the hole and grab the catfish

Most of the catfish grabbed are flatheads or blues and weigh in between 13 and 27 kilograms, as large as a small child.

Since the size of the catfish is usually monstrous, they are capable of putting up a good fight so grabblers need to be tall and strong enough to grab them

Otherwise, if you are not fast enough, the catfish will grab you instead as it tries to protect its home!

Watch how the grabblers grab the giant fish as they slide down massive pipes in a muddy river here



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