These identical twins stun the judges of America’s Got Talent with their one-of-a-kind magic trick


America’s Got Talent is a hugely popular talent competition which allows individuals to showcase their abilities in hopes of nabbing the title of champion. Recently, a Frenchman named Tony took to the stage with the intention of impressing the judges with a new style of magic.

He used a screen with special effects to enhance his magic tricks and he started off by ‘duplicating’ himself. To everyone’s surprise, Tony had an identical twin named Jordan and used it as an advantage to shock the judges and the crowd by bringing him out during the act.

They used a mix of slight-of-hand as well as the screen to aid their one-of-a-kind act

The jaw-dropping moment was when the brothers made the girl on the screen appear out of thin air onto the stage

That was not the last trick they had up their sleeves though, watch the video below and find out what happened at the very end:


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