A mother caught the exciting moment when her non-verbal autistic daughter says ‘mama’ for the first time


Autism or autism spectrum disorder involves a range of conditions which include challenges with social skills or interactions with others, repetitive behaviors, speech as well as non-verbal communication. A majority of parents with autistic children find that taking care of the first few years of their child’s life to be the most trying. While regular children would develop the ability to speak when they are approximately 2 to 3 years old, children with autism will take longer to communicate verbally on average.

Brianna Blankenship was stunned to hear what she thought was her daughter’s first words 

5-year-old Taylor was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and had not been able to speak up until then 

Brianna had accepted the fact that she may never get to hear her daughter’s voice which makes this moment in the car all the more emotional 

Brianna sends Taylor for gymnastics class every week and one day while driving her home, she thought she heard her daughter say something for the first time 

She quickly whipped out her camera so she wouldn’t miss the moment and asked her daughter to repeat the word ‘mama’ after her

Brianna stated “I am ugly crying in the McDonald’s parking lot and the employees probably think I’m crazy. In the drive thru I suddenly heard Taylor say ‘MAMA.’ For those of you that don’t know, Taylor is five and is non-verbal autistic. She has NEVER said a word. EVER.”

She then posted the video on Facebook and received an overwhelming amount of love and support from other users

She proceeded to call her husband right away and tell him the incredible news! Watch the emotional moment caught on camera in the video below:



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