Hilarious moment baby tries to show to her cat on how to take a nap


It was time for a nap but this baby did not want to sleep unless her pet cat took a nap as well so she had a brilliant idea on how to put her cat to sleep.

The cat was minding his own business when the baby came with a blanket in her hand.

The baby then tossed the soft pink blanket onto the cat to get him snuggled in but when the cat refused to do so, a new plan came to her mind

The little sweetheart then lay her head gently on the floor in an adorable demonstration on how to take a nap to the cat. When she looked up and saw the cat stayed put, she quickly grabbed her pink blanket and tossed it to the cat.

At last, the cat surrendered to the baby and decided to take a nap in the new position.

The baby then tucked him in and sweetly gave him a big hug as the pair prepared to take a nap

Watch the baby’s adorable attempt to demonstrate to her cat on how to take a nap here


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