Chef cooks a unique biryani for orphans by using these two giant tropical fruits and it looks so appetizing


Are you familiar with jackfruits? This tropical fruit which has a distinctive sweet taste is mostly eaten raw but this chef shows how this fruit can be turned into a savoury dish.

In this video, a chef from Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans cooks biryani, a South Asian version of spicy rice by using two giant jackfruits.

He first cuts open the fruits to reveal their juicy flesh

The chef then extracts the yellow flesh of the jackfruits out from their fibrous shell and chops them into smaller pieces

Next, he uses the chopped jackfruit to cook up extremely flavourful and nutritious biryani. For the dish, he also uses basmathi rice and variety of spices

This mouth-watering rice dish is also known as kathal biryani which means ‘raw jackfruit biryani’, a lovely treat for the orphans to enjoy

Watch how the chef cooks up the biryani by using these giant jackfruits here


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