This lovebird shreds a piece of paper and makes a beautiful decoration on its tail


Lovebirds are one of the most popular pet parrot species. For those who are familiar with them, these pint-sized birds also love playing for hours and they can be little clowns too with their adorable personality.

Sometimes, lovebirds also love adding something to their cute tails just like this lovebird who was caught ripping off pages and sticking them to its tail.

It is a habit that has left its owner scratching his head in confusion at first glance but this little bird seemed to enjoy ripping the pages and stick them to its tail like a fashionable extension

This is what happens when a lovebird is left with a piece of paper!

In the video, this lovebird carefully shreds a piece of paper and gently tucks it in between its feathers!

Seems like everyone is amazed and stunned with this lovebird’s quirky and yet adorable habit!

However, it turns out that there is an explanation behind this lovebird’s quirky habit. It did not do it because of fashion although the paper extension did look good on its tails. The truth is, lovebirds shred paper and tuck them in their tails in order to line their hollow nests.

In the wild, lovebirds use soft grass and even hair. They tuck and weave soft grass or hair through the feathers while foraging. This will keep their beaks free as they search for food before flying back to the nest and line their homes with the grass and hair.

Watch how this lovebird makes an extension to its lovely tail with the paper shreds


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