Police dog teaches fellow police officers how to do push-ups and it is totally adorable


The Gulf Shores Police Department in Alabama takes its physical fitness very seriously so all of its officers have to engage in frequent fitness and that also includes its special canine crew.

K9 Nitro is the newest addition to the police department and yet, he takes his job seriously including teaching the staffs how to do push-ups!

In a viral video, the two-year-old Dutch Shepherd matches his fellow comrades while doing a set of push-ups in a perfect synchronisation

The brief clip shows the adorable dog rises up and down alongside fellow officers Cowan and Hancock as ‘Eye of the tiger’ song plays in the background

The video was later uploaded on the official Facebook page of Alabama’s police department and has received much love from the online community with more than 1.2 million views!

With a caption that says: “K9 Nitro, Officer Cowan and Officer Hancock are getting warmed up and ready to apprehend any bad guys that break the law!”, Nitro totally looks adorable!

Watch how Nitro and his colleagues are warmed up and get ready to catch the bad guys here


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