Divers spotted a whale shark trapped with a fishing rope around it. What they did next is breathtaking


A group of divers was accompanying tourists when they spotted a distressed whale shark with a thick rope around its body so they did what they thought best for nature.

The pregnant whale shark was wrapped with a thick rope around its body so the divers approached it to let it free from the rope.

The amazing underwater footage shows a diver cutting the rope off the enormous creature and as if it knew that it was being rescued, the whale shark gently let the diver untangle the fishing rope

It only takes thirty seconds to remove the rope which had visibly tortured the whale shark 

As the diver cut off the rope, a large, deep scar could be seen on the whale shark’s back once the rope was removed.

The breathtaking footage was recorded in waters off Socorro Island, part of the Revillagigedo Archipelago, 200 miles off the coast of Mexico

 It was filmed as part of the nature series ‘Secrets of Shark Island’

In spite of their enormous size, whale sharks are actually very docile species and they pose no risks to humans. Their diet mainly consists of tiny micro-organisms unlike other species of shark.

Watch the gentle giant cooperates with the divers as they rescue her from the torturous rope here



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