81-year-old grandfather unexpectedly won American Ninja Warrior and left the viewers speechless with his moves


American Ninja Warrior is an action-packed competition which is famous for its various extremely challenging obstacle courses that even the fittest man finds it hard to complete let alone an 81-year-old man.

So, when this old grandfather from Denver took part in the competition, many viewers felt that he would not be able to pass the first course.

However, the old grandfather named Arthur Hickenlooper defied all odds and managed to complete all courses like it was nothing!

The truth is the so-called 81-year-old grandfather was actually Brent Steffensen, an American Ninja Warrior contestant

His disguise was a part of the show’s elaborate gimmick and Steffensen was happy to participate to have some fun.

Furthermore, the elderly woman who appeared in the video giving words of encouragement to Steffensen was not his wife but the mom of Matt Iseman, American Ninja Warrior host

Imagine if a real 81-year-old man really completed the extremely challenging ninja warrior courses!

Watch how Steffensen completed American Ninja Warrior courses as an 81-year-old man here


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