YouTuber John Plant shows us how people survived during the Stone Age by going back to he basics


The human civilization has come a long way since the time of using stone tools and creating wood fires to light up the dark of night. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back to that time of relying on your natural instincts for survival? Well, this Australian YouTuber named John Plant has dedicated his entire channel on doing just that. His channel, called Primitive Technology, is an apt name as it shows a series of videos of him going back to basics and using the things around him to survive.

He has garnered over 7.7 million subscribers and has 36 videos on his YouTube channel which features him showing off his survival skills

Here is an example of him building a hut in the midst of the wilderness:

He said “People are naturally wired to be interested in this sort of activity because in the past those who weren’t probably died out or didn’t pass on their genes”

“This hobby also keeps me fairly fit and active, which is good for health”

In one video he showed viewers how to make a trap in order to catch fish and shrimp for the river using vines and branches 

Plant also teaches viewers how to make tools out of stones and wood

Since the jungle floor is riddled with things that harm your feet, he demonstrated how to make slippers out of vines

Plant had always been interested in the idea of subsisting off of nature

When he was 11 years old, he would make small huts by a creek which ran along his backyard using only things he could find in the wild

Watch how he creates a furnace out of things that were available to him, it is simply remarkable!


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